Edge Development Board - Apollo3 Blue

Edge Development Board - Apollo3 Blue

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Product description

In collaboration with Google and Ambiq, SparkFun developed this board with the newest edge technology. It is perfect for getting started with voice and even gesture recognition without relying on the distant services of other companies.

The truly special feature is in the utilization of Ambiq Micro's latest Apollo3 Blue microcontroller, whose ultra-efficient ARM Cortex-M4F 48MHz (with 96MHz burst mode) processor, which can run TensorFlow Lite using only 6uA/MHz. The SparkFun Edge board currently uses only 1.6mA@3V and 48MHz and can run solely on a CR2032 coin cell battery for up to 10 days.

To support edge computing cases like voice recognition the Edge board features two MEMS microphones, an ST LIS2DH12 3-axis accelerometer on its own I2C bus, and a connector to interface to an OV7670 camera.

With the Ambiq Micro's Software Development Kit and the Sparkfun SDK Setup Guide you'll have access to plenty of examples to begin working with the Edge board.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun.

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