RedBoard Artemis Nano

RedBoard Artemis Nano

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The RedBoard Artemis Nano is a minimal but extremely handy implementation of the Artemis module. A light weight, 0.8mm thick PCB, with on board LiPo-battery charging and a Qwiic connector, this board is easy to implement into very small projects.

The Artemis Module from SparkFun is the world's first open source hardware RF module enabling both voice recognition and BLE. The core of the Artemis module is the Apollo3 by Ambiq. This is an ARM Cortex-M4F (F indicates hardware floating point operations) with BLE 5.0 that runs at less than 1mA. And it can run TensorFlow models.

You can program and use the Artemis Redboard just like you would an Uno or any other Arduino. With 1M flash and 384k RAM you'll have plenty of room for your code. The on-board Artemis module runs at 48MHz with a 96MHz turbo mode available and with Bluetooth to boot.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun.


RedBoard Artemis Nano DEV-15443 Antratek Electronics
RedBoard Artemis Nano
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