About us

Antratek Electronics is distributor of embedded electronics and industrial automation. We represent over 30 manufacturers for the Benelux and Germany. Over the last 25 years, Antratek has been known its innovative and affordable products, including excellent service. We do not only supply to industry, but also to educational institutes and individuals.

Product Range

Product Range

Our product range includes microcontroller boards, single board computers, displays, interface modules, sensors, adapters, IoT, controllers and instruments. In our warehouse we have a stock of more than 1000 different products. We now sell to most countries in Europe.



Antratek is distinguished by being one of the first distributors to offer innovative technology from new manufacturers. Our focus is not on individual parts, but on fully functional modules that make it easier for engineers to develop prototypes and provide solutions faster.



In the past 10 years we have expanded our portfolio of single board computers and Internet of Things considerably. Antratek is now a leading European distributor for LoRa, embedded AI and industrial internet modules.


We have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our warehouse is located in the Netherlands, from where we can deliver quickly to most countries in Europe.


We supply boards and modules in large quantities to leading companies for the production of amongst others, robots, charging stations, shipyards, security systems, studio camera’s, gateways, audio players, surveillance equipment, presentation systems and machine controls. We also supply equipment for the monitoring of, for example, server rooms, drinking water supply, irrigation and flooding.

Why Antratek Electronics?

  • 2 years warranty
  • Reliable manufacturers
  • Technical support
  • Payment on account for companies
  • Secure online payment
  • Partial delivery service
  • 25+ years of experience
  • 14 days return policy

Embedded electronics is our passion

  • Over 1000 products for development and automation
  • New products every day
  • Fast delivery from own stock
  • Expert technical advice on product selection
  • Support for hardware, firmware, and app development
  • Excellent service through cooperation

Innovative products first at Antratek

The developments in the field of electronics go fast. We follow those developments with the delivery of the latest products to provide you a competitive advantage. Antratek is often the first in the Benelux and Germany. Some examples:

  • 1995 The first microcontroller with BASIC (BASIC Stamp)
  • 1996 The first USB-RS232 adapter (FTDI)
  • 1998 The first low cost Ethernet Serial Converter
  • 2002 The first low cost Linux Board (Fox Board)
  • 2005 The first open source microcontroller board (Arduino)
  • 2009 The first Microsoft.NET Micro Framework board (FEZ)
  • 2010 The first low cost Linux board with HDMI (Raspberry Pi)
  • 2012 The first low cost Android board (A13 OLinuXino)
  • 2014 The first low cost WiFi IoT module (ESP8266)
  • 2015 The first 868Mhz LoRa modules (RFM95 and LoPy)
  • 2016 The first send & receive SDR (HackRF)
  • 2018 The first NB-IoT module (NB-IoT Shield with Quectel BC95)
  • 2018 The first low cost embedded AI with NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • 2019 The first low cost LoRa GPS Tracker (LGT92)
  • 2019 The first low cost LoRa Gateway (LG01)
  • 2019 The fastest sub-€100 SBC (ODROID-N2)
  • 2021 The first readily available Helium miner (SenseCAP M1)
  • 2021 The first camera with built-in object recognition (Luxonis)
  • 2022 The first LoRa Gateway with server (LPS8v2)
  • 2023 The first FluxNode computer (SenseCAP M4)