About us

Antratek Electronics supplies development tools and modules for the electronics industry. We represent over 25 manufacturers for the Benelux and Germany. Over 20 years Antratek is recognized for its innovative and affordable products, including excellent service. We do not only supply to industry, but also to educational institutes and private persons.

Why Antratek Electronics?:

 2 years warranty

 Reliable manufacturers

 Technical Support

 Payment on account for companies

 Secure online payment

 Partial delivery service

 20+ years of experience

 14 days return policy


Embedded electronics and media is our passion

 Over 1000 products for development and automation

 Every day new products

 Fast delivery from own stock

 Expert technical advice on product selection

 Support for hardware, firmware, and app development

 Excellent service through cooperation

Innovative products first at Antratek

The developments in the field of electronics go fast. We follow those developments with the delivery of the latest products to provide you a competitive advantage. Antratek is often the first in the Benelux. Some examples:

 1995 The first microcontroller which can be programmed with BASIC (BASIC Stamp)

 1996 The first USB-RS232 adapter (FTDI)

 1998 The first low cost Ethernet Serial Converter

 2002 The first low cost Linux Board (Fox Board)

 2005 The first open source microcontroller board (Arduino)

 2009 The first Microsoft.NET Micro Framework board (FEZ)

 2010 The first low cost Linux board with HDMI (Raspberry Pi)

 2012 The first low cost Android board (A13 OLinuXino)

 2014 The first low cost WiFi IoT module (ESP8266)

 The first 868Mhz LoRa module (LoPy)

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