Wio Terminal - SAMD51 with WiFi and 2.4" LCD

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Wio Terminal is complete product with Arduino, WiFi, LCD, sensors and many interfaces.

It has an ATSAMD51-based microcontroller with wireless connectivity supported by Realtek RTL8720DN, a 2.4” LCD Screen, onboard IMU (LIS3DHTR), microphone, buzzer, microSD card slot, light sensor, infrared emitter, 5-way switch and buttons. All of these practical add-ons are carefully housed in a compact enclosure, making it an efficient and product-ready product.

Wio Terminal is equipped with Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO. It can be mounted on a Raspberry Pi as a slave device. The GPIO connector can also be used for extension boards. The USB host function allows connection of a keyboard or mouse with a USB OTG adapter.

Programming is supported by Arduino, Micropython, ArduPy, AT Firmware and Visual Studio Code.

More information is available in Get Started and on the website of Seeed Studio.

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