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Pixy2 is smaller, faster and more capable than the original Pixy. Like its predecessor, Pixy2 can learn to detect objects that you teach it, just by pressing a button. Additionally, Pixy2 has new algorithms that detect and track lines for use with line-following robots. The new algorithms can detect intersections and “road signs” as well. The road signs can tell your robot what to do, such as turn left, turn right, slow down, etc. And Pixy2 does all of this at 60 frames-per-second. The Pixy2 uses a color-based filtering algorithm to detect objects. Color-based filtering methods are popular because they are fast, efficient, and relatively robust.

Pixy2 comes with a special cable to plug directly into an Arduino and a USB cable to plug into a Raspberry Pi, so you can get started quickly.

More information is available on the websites of Sparkfun and Pixy.

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  • Pixy2 - Smart Vision Sensor SEN-14678 Antratek Electronics
    Pixy2 - Smart Vision Sensor
    Pan/Tilt for Pixy2 110991167 Antratek Electronics
    Pan/Tilt for Pixy2
    Pan/Tilt for Pixy2

    This is a kit for a pan/tilt mechanism designed specifically for Pixy2. Assemble the kit, connect Pixy2, and start following colored objects using the Pan/Tilt demo. It includes two durable laser-cut plastic pieces for the base, two servos for the pan and tilt axes, and all the mounting hardware and cable ties you need to assemble. The PIxy2 pan-tilt makes a great “hello world” application for Pixy2. It’s easy to assemble and it gives your Pixy2 something to do: look around!

    • The pan-tilt mechanism for Pixy2 is redesigned. It’s smaller and faster than the pan-tilt for the original Pixy.
    • All necessary hardware is included.
    • The pan-tilt base attaches directly to an Arduino with Arduino-compatible hole-pattern and includes stand-offs and fasteners.
    • Several pan-tilt demos are provided that run from either Arduino, Raspberry Pi or stand-alone (no controller).

    Complete assembly instructions are provided on the website of Pixy.

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    1*Pixy2 - Smart Vision Sensor + 1*Pan/Tilt for Pixy2
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