Particle, VOC, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor - SEN54

Particle, VOC, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor - SEN54

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Product description

The SEN54 sensor module from Sensirion combines the measurement of particulate matter, VOC, humidity, and temperature in a single package. The SEN54 sensors provide fully calibrated outputs with a digital interface, a strong lifetime under 24 h/day operation, and a compact form factor. The included Sensirion Temperature Acceleration Routine (STAR) engine accelerates the device’s response to ambient temperature change by a factor of 2-3 to provide better user experience and more accurate measurements.

The SEN54 uses the the GHR style 'locking' JST connector. This module includes a 6-pin compatible cable that is terminated in breadboard pins making it very easy to connect to the SEN54.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun and Sensirion.

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