PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor Box and Breadboard Adapter Kit - PMS5003

PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor Box and Breadboard Adapter Kit - PMS5003

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Product description

Witness real-time, reliable measurement of PM2.5 dust concentrations with PMS5003 from Plantower. This sensor uses laser scattering to radiate suspending particles in the air, then collects scattering light to obtain the curve of scattering light change with time. The microprocessor calculates equivalent particle diameter and the number of particles with different diameter per unit volume.

You'll need to hook this up to a microcontroller with UART input (or you could theoretically wire it up to a USB-Serial converter and parse the data on a computer). Adafruit has code for both Arduino and CircuitPython. 9600 baud data streams out once per second, you'll get:

  • PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10.0 concentration in both standard & enviromental units
  • Particulate matter per 0.1L air, categorized into 0.3um, 0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um, 5.0um and 10um size bins

The sensor box is included, as well as the cable and a 0.1" / 2.54mm breakout board so you can wire it easily.

More information is available on the website of Adafruit.

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