bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 - SDR

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The bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 is the next generation Software Defined Radio (SDR) offering a frequency range of 47MHz to 6GHz, 61.44MHz sampling rate, and 2×2 MIMO streaming. Packed into a small form factor, the bladeRF 2.0 micro was designed for high performance as well as mobile applications. Through libbladeRF the bladeRF 2.0 micro is compatible with GNURadio, GQRX, SDR-Radio, SDR#, gr-fosphor, SoapySDR, and more on Windows, Linux and macOS.

All of the RF SMA ports are capable of providing power over bias-tee circuitry to wideband amplifiers and pre-amps. Power to bias-tee peripherals is fully software controllable, providing maximal operational flexibility. Currently, the official bias-tee peripherals include the BT-100, a wideband power amplifier for TX, and the BT-200, a wideband low noise amplifier for RX (see below).

At the core of the bladeRF 2.0 micro is the latest generation Cyclone V FPGA from Intel (formerly Altera). The xA4 features a 49KLE FPGA of which 38KLE are free and user programmable.

You can supply power via USB or via the 2.5mm jack connector. A power supply with a 2.1 mm plug can be connected via an adapter (see below).

More information is available on the website of Nuand.

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