WiFi ESP32 Module with 8 Relays & 8 Inputs

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The ESP32LR88 is a WIFI connected I/O controller using the popular ESP32. It provides 8 relays capable switching up to 16Amps and 8 digital inputs with pull-ups than can interface directly with volt free contacts. The normally open relay contacts have snubbers fitted across them, and can drive inductive loads such as contactors and solenoids.

You can control the module remotely in one of the following ways:

  • A built in webpage,
  • HTML commands,
  • MQTT commands or
  • TCP/IP plain text commands

If you set port forwarding in your router, you will be able to control the module via the internet.

The ESP32LR88 is configured by connecting a USB cable to your PC and running a terminal program.

The relay module has an ESP-WROOM-32 which you may program with your own software.

Required power supply for the board is 12v dc, 1A.

More information is available on the website of Devantech.

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