Web-Enabled Temperature Monitoring & Thermostat

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X-300-I (+ X-DTS-S3C)

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The X-300™ is a powerful web-based temperature logging instrument that allows you to monitor and control temperatures via an IP network. Up to 8 temperature sensors can be connected at a time. Temperatures can be viewed in real-time using a web browser. In addition, the X-300™ has many advanced features including email alerts (SMTP, no SSL), relay control, a BASIC interpreter, and much more. The X-300™ is also a 7-day programmable web-enabled thermostat. Users can adjust and set temperatures for heating and cooling systems and view current indoor and outdoor temperatures from any web browser.

This model has 3 relays (3A@28V) and 1-8 temperature sensors can be connected (1 sensor is included). The required power supply is 9-28Vdc. The other model with 5V/PoE is mentioned below.

More information is available on the website of ControlByWeb.

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