Web-Enabled, Multi-Function 8-Ch. Analog Input Module

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The X-418 is a web-enabled, industrial analog input module. It features an eightchannel, 16-bit, analog data acquisition system. Each channel is configurable for single-ended or differential inputs. Programmable voltage ranges include; ±1.28V, ±2.56V, ±5.12V and ±10.24V.

Users can operate the X-418 using a web browser, the CBW Mobile app, or custom applications written for a computer, PLC, or other automation controller. The builtin web server means users can access the X-418 directly as a self-contained, stand-alone unit. No gateways, cloud servers, or external services are required. The X-418 can be used, however, with our ControlByWeb cloud service if desired which simplifies network setup.

The X-418’s built-in interface allows you to create custom “Tasks” for simple and advanced control logic, without the need for scripting. Easily create tasks based on time or input status. The X-418 also has a built-in BASIC interpreter for more advanced or custom applications not achievable through the Task Builder system.

Other features are also included such as: Email notification (encrypted), event scheduling, logging & graphing (graph logged data, FTP logged data, email logged data), control and monitor up to 32 remote devices, internal power supply voltage monitor, etc. The X-418 supports several Ethernet protocols including: HTTP/HTTPS, Modbus/TCP, SNMP V1,V2 & V3, NTP, SMTP(Encrypted), and FTP/FTPS.

The required power supply is 9-28Vdc. For PoE, see the model below.

More information is available on the website of ControlByWeb.

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