Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

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Product description

The SparkFun Thing Plus Matter is the first easily accessible board of its kind that combines Matter and SparkFun's Qwiic ecosystem for agile development and prototyping of Matter-based IoT devices. The board features the MGM240P wireless module from Silicon Labs. The MGM240P provides secure connectivity for both 802.15.4 (Matter, Zigbee, and OpenThread) and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 protocols and is built to integrate seamlessly into the Matter IoT protocol using the Simplicity Studio IDE from Silicon Labs.

The module comes ready for integration into Silicon Labs' Matter IoT protocol for home automation. The Thing Plus Matter includes Qwiic and LiPo battery connectors, and multiple GPIO pins capable of complete multiplexing through software.

Silicon Labs provides documentation for Simplicity Studio, integration with Matter-compatible devices and other applications. Silicon Labs created some amazing project examples.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun.


Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P DEV-20270 Antratek Electronics
Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P
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