Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure Sensor Modbus RTU - S-THP-01A

Temperature, Humidity and Barometric Pressure Sensor Modbus RTU - S-THP-01A

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Product description

This sensor accurately measures air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure within the ranges of 0~100% RH, -40~125°C, and 300-1100 hPa. It is suitable for precise industrial environmental monitoring applications. The 3-in-1 integrated sensor utilizes a Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor and a Bosch barometric MEMS chip for highly accurate, fast response measurements.

The sensing elements are compactly integrated onto a PCB located at the tip of the sensor, with dimensions of just 108mm x 16mm. This allows for easy installation and integration into existing systems as an expansion module. Each sensor is individually factory-calibrated before deployment. Based on direct measurements of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, the sensor can calculate various meteorological parameters including vapor pressure, dew point, frost point, absolute humidity, vapor density, cloud base height and altitude.

It has an RS485 communication interface with built-in surge protection for reliable data transfer. The sensor can be wall mounted or flange mounted for duct insertion.

More information is available in the datasheet and on the website of Seeed Studio.

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