Spectral UV Sensor - AS7331 (Qwiic)

Spectral UV Sensor - AS7331 (Qwiic)

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Product description

This SparkFun Qwiic Spectral UV Sensor features the AS7331 UV sensor from ams OSRAM. It measures UV radiation on three channels: UVA (320-400nm), UVB (280-320nm), and UVC (200-280nm) with high sensitivity and accuracy. The three channels on the AS7331 each have individual photodiodes with built-in interference filters. The sensor has four operating modes: Single Measurement (CMD), Continuous Measurement (CONT), SYNchronized Start (SYNS), and SYNchronized Start & End (SYND), with an automatic power-down sequence between measurements for low current consumption.

Applications include UV-disinfection, UV-curing, phototherapy, analytics, home appliances and horticulture.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun.

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