SenseCAP S2101 - LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor

SenseCAP S2101 - LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Product description

The SenseCAP S210X series offers industrial long-distance data acquisition via LoRaWAN. With the IP 66 rating, -40 to +85C° operating temperature and built-in 19Ah high-capacity battery, combined with the devices’ low power consumption, the S210X series can operate in harsh outdoor environments for up to 10 years with a range of up to 10km.

The built-in Bluetooth facilitates setup and greatly reduces large-scale deployment costs. The sensors can be used on standard LoRaWAN networks and can be used out of the box with the Helium network.

SenseCAP Wireless Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor measures temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. It's designed with a 2-in-1 sensor, a replaceble battery, and an industry-grade enclosure, optimized for outdoor use cases that need reliable data collection for years.

S210x devices are manufactured to support the universal frequency plan from 863MHz to 928MHz. You can set the 868MHz frequency plan with the app via Bluetooth.

More information is available in the SenseCAP catalog and on the website of Seeed Studio.

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