RPLIDAR A1M8-R6 360° Laser Range Scanner - 12m range

RPLIDAR A1M8-R6 360° Laser Range Scanner - 12m range

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Product description

The RPLIDAR A1 is a low cost 360 degree 2D laser scanner (LIDAR) solution developed by SLAMTEC. It can take up to 8000 samples of laser ranging per second thanks to its high rotation speed. The on-board system can perform 2D 360° scans within a range of 12 meters.

The core of RPLIDAR A1 runs clockwise to perform a 360 degree omnidirectional laser range scanning for its surrounding environment and then generate an outline map for the environment.

The RPLIDAR A1 consists of a range scanner core and mechanical powering parts which makes the core rotate at a high speed. When it functions normally, the scanner will rotate and scan clockwise allowing you to be able to get the range scan data via the communication interface of the RPLIDAR and control the start, stop and rotating speed of the rotation motor via PWM. The typical scanning frequency of the RPLIDAR A1 360° Laser Scanner is 5.5Hz with an actual scanning frequency that can be freely adjusted within the 5-10Hz range.

SLAMTEC provides debug GUI tool and SDK (available for Windows, x86 Linux and Arm Linux) to speed up the product development.

More information is available on the websites of Seeed and Slamtec.

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