PureThermal OpenMV

PureThermal OpenMV

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Product description

The PureThermal OpenMV by GetLab is a co-designed collaboration product between GetLab and OpenMV to produce a high-end mixed color and thermal camera for professional applications. The board features a 5MP OV5640 camera module, a FLIR Lepton socket capable of supporting any FLIR Lepton, and the VL53L0X laser range finder to assist in drawing the thermal image on the color image using the right offset/scaling.

Live video can be displayed on the 4.3” 800x480 IPS TFT capacitive touch LCD onboard, mirrored to an HDMI monitor, or streamed over WiFi via RTSP. Finally, the PureThermal OpenMV can be programmed like any OpenMV Cam in Python to make it do anything you like via the MicroPython API.

Note: The PureThermal OpenMV does NOT include a FLIR Lepton imaging module and will need to be purchased separately.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun, OpenMV and GroupGets.

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