PS-NB-NA - NB-IoT Analog Sensor Node with SIM Card

PS-NB-NA - NB-IoT Analog Sensor Node with SIM Card

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Product description

Dragino PS-NB-NA is a NB-IoT Analog Sensor Node for Internet of Things. PS-NB-NA has 5V and 12V output to power an external sensor. Analog inputs include 4~20mA and 0~30V. The node will convert the analog value to NB-IoT wireless data and send to an IoT platform via a NB-IoT network.

This version has 1NCE SIM card pre-installed and is configured to send data to DataCake. You Just need to create the sensor type in DataCake and switch PS-NB-NA on. Then you will see the measured values in DataCake on your computer or smartphone.

The SIM card has 500MB data volume and is valid for 10 years. The 1NCE NB-IoT service has coverage in most European countries. The current coverage can be checked on the website of 1NCE.

PS-LB-NA is powered by 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery for many years of use. It has an external antenna and an IP66 enclosure with a waterproof M12 cable hole for an external sensor.

More information is available on the website of Dragino.

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