Power Delivery Board - USB-C (Qwiic)

Power Delivery Board - USB-C (Qwiic)

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Product description

With the SparkFun Power Delivery Board's USB-C connection it has the ability to achieve higher voltages, typically 5-20V and up to 100W of power. The Power Delivery Board uses a standalone controller to negotiate with the power adapters and have them switch to a higher voltage other than just 5V. This allows to use the same power adapter for different projects rather than relying on multiple power adapters to provide different output voltages.

The SparkFun Power Delivery Board takes advantage of the power delivery standard with the use of a standalone controller from STMicroelectronics, the STUSB4500.To configure the board, you will need an I2C bus. The Qwiic system makes it easy to connect the Power Delivery board to a microcontroller.

You can use a USB Type-C power adapter that supports power delivery and a power delivery Type-C cable which has thicker power wires in the cable. The Power Delivery Board's voltages and available current output are limited by the power delivery adapter used. For example the 87W USB-C Power Adapter made by Apple supports 5.2V, 9V, 14.5V, and 20.3V.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun.

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