Piezoresistive Liquid Level Sensor Modbus RTU

Piezoresistive Liquid Level Sensor Modbus RTU

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Product description

The Liquid Level Sensor measures the height of water or other liquid and converts it to the voltage signal. It has a built-in silicon piezoresistive core that features high sensitivity. With a sealed stainless steel probe, it can work in water, oil, and mild-corrosive environments.

The sensor has high anti-vibration and anti-impact performance. It incorporates stainless steel, insulated rubber, and is IP68 rated.

  • Measurement Range 0 ~ 5 meters
  • Cable Length 5.3 meters
  • Output Signal RS485 Modbus-RTU Protocol
  • Accuracy ± 0.25%F.S
  • Power Supply 11-30V DC

This model has an air tube to compensate for atmospheric pressure changes.

Pressure sensors for level measurement are installed at the bottom of the water body to be monitored. These level sensors measure the hydrostatic pressure which is proportional to the height of the liquid column. Piezoresistive level sensors can be used for level monitoring in open waters such as lakes, in groundwater occurrences and also in tanks.

More information is available in the datasheet and on the website of Seeed Studio.

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