PG1302-RPI LoRaWAN Concentrator for Raspberry Pi

PG1302-RPI LoRaWAN Concentrator for Raspberry Pi

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Product description

The PG1302-PI is a multi-channel high performance transmitter/receiver designed to simultaneously receive several LoRa packets using random spreading factors on random channels. Its goal is to enable robust connection between a central wireless data concentrator and a massive amount of wireless end-points spread over a very wide range of distances.

The PG1302-PI is based on Semtech SX1302. It is designed to use with Raspberry Pi to build smart metering fixed networks and Internet of Things applications. PG1302-PI with Raspberry Pi can be set up as a LoRaWAN gateway to use with for example The Things Network.

PG1302-PI consists of PG1302 Mini-PCIe module with converter board for Raspberry Pi 3/4.

More information is available on the website of Dragino.

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