MOSFET Power Switch and Buck Regulator

MOSFET Power Switch and Buck Regulator

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Does your microcontroller need to control a high-voltage item, like a 12V LED strip, while also needing to be powered? Do you want to avoid having multiple power adapters and microcontrollers for your project? The SparkFun MOSFET Power Switch and Buck Regulator (Low-Side) combines two circuits into one board: an LMR14203 buck regulator configured to output 3.3V and an N-channel MOSFET (PSMN7R0-100BS) configured as a low-side switch. Power the board with up to 12V and control up to 10A, all while providing a sweet 3.3V to your control board.

Various connectors (barrel jack, female header, and poke-home) are provided to connect a power supply to a microcontroller of your choice (Arduino, micro-bit, Raspberry Pi’s microcontroller) and load them together. VCC, 3.3V, CTL, and GND are also broken out through 0.1" spaced PTHs for those who prefer to solder.

More information is available on the website of SparkFun.

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