Monit’O – LoRaWAN Battery/Rectifier Monitoring

Monit’O – LoRaWAN Battery/Rectifier Monitoring

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Product description

Monit’O offers 2 analog inputs isolated from each other allowing the measurement of voltage, 0-100mVolts and 0-70Volts. The measurements are transmitted periodically on the LoRaWAN network.

Monit'O is a solution for the remote monitoring of batteries:

  • with its 0-70V input, measures battery output voltage (12V, 24V, 48V). •
  • with its 0-100mV input, measures a voltage produced across a shunt through which the battery current flows. The remote application calculates the current using Ohm's law.

Monit'O allows also the monitoring of the electrical voltage and current quantities delivered by a cathodic protection rectifier:

  • 0-70V input for voltage measurement.
  • 0-100mV input for voltage measurement on shunt

More information is available on the website of WATTECO.

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