MerryIoT LoRaWAN Leak Detector

MerryIoT LoRaWAN Leak Detector

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Product description

The Water Leakage Sensor utilizes LoRaWAN connectivity to send uplink notifications and to activate the alarm buzzer when a water leak is detected. There are also vibration and tilt detection in case of tampering. You can also get readings of temperature and humidity through the sensor. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP67 equivalent).

The MerryIoT sensors can be used on any LoRaWAN network, including Helium. With the MerryIoT app you can easily install and monitor the sensors on Helium. Just scan the QR-code, press the button, wait for connection and then you see the sensor values on your smartphone. Each sensor includes 2 years data credit subscription fees for use on Helium.

More information is available on the website of MerryIoT and Browan.

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