tabs LoRaWAN Healthy Home Sensor IAQ

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The tabs Healthy Home Sensor detects eCO2, VOC, temperature and humidity.

The Healthy Home Sensor utilizes LoRaWAN connectivity to communicate the temperature, relative humidity, equivalent CO2 (eCO2) and total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels of the surrounding environment. It uses the integrated indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor Bosch BME680.

The intended use is to place the sensor within a room to determine if the air quality, temperature and humidity are ideal.

You can use a tabs sensor up to 100 m away from a LoRaWAN gateway and up to 1 km from a gateway with an outdoor antenna. The battery lasts more than a year. With the free services of The Things Network and myDevices Cayenne you can monitor the status of the sensor and send you an email or SMS if a value becomes higher/lower than a certain level.

More information is available in the manual and on the website of Browan.

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