Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor - TMAG5273 (Qwiic)

Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor - TMAG5273 (Qwiic)

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Product description

The SparkFun TMAG5273 Qwiic Linear 3D Hall-Effect Sensor is a low-power, high-precision magnetic field sensor that can detect a magnetic field's presence, strength, and direction in three dimensions. This board is perfect for applications involving magnetic proximity detection, door and window sensing, mobile robot motor and control, and more, all on a Standard 1in. x 1in. Qwiic breakout.

The TMAG5273 from Texas Instruments possesses a linear magnetic range configurable to either ±40 mT or ±80 mT and TI's integrated angle calculation engine (CORDIC) with gain and offset adjustment to be used in various applications. In addition, the included magnetic tamper detection (e.g. applicable for electricity meters) and wake-up/threshold settings can be configured to trigger interrupts through the I2C interface or only with the dedicated interrupt pin.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun.

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