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GreatFET One

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GreatFET One is a hardware hacker's best friend. With an extensible, open source design, two USB ports, and 100 expansion pins, GreatFET One is your essential gadget for hacking, making, and reverse engineering. By adding expansion boards called neighbors, you can turn GreatFET One into a USB peripheral that does almost anything.

Whether you need an interface to an external chip, a logic analyzer, a debugger, or just a whole lot of pins to bit-bang, the versatile GreatFET One is the tool for you. Hi-Speed USB and a Python API allow GreatFET One to become your custom USB interface to the physical world.

GreatFET One supports versatile USB functions including Facedancer. FaceDancer boards are simple hardware devices that act as "remote-controlled" USB controllers. With the proper software, you can use these boards to quickly and easily emulate USB devices. A major new feature of the newer FaceDancer codebase is the ability to man-in-the middle USB connections. This opens up a whole new realm of applications, including protocol analysis and live manipulation of USB packets.

More information is available on the website of Sparkfun and Great Scott Gadgets.

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