Programmable Ethernet Module with 8 Relays, 7 I/O and RS485

Programmable Ethernet Module with 8 Relays, 7 I/O and RS485

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Product description

dS378 is a dScript programmable Ethernet module with 8 relays (16A@250Vac), 7 I/O's, 2 serial ports and 1 RS485 port for expansion modules. The 7 I/O's are flexible channels with your choice of 10 bit analog input or digital I/O.

Simple configuration and setup from your web browser. Control it from a web page, or select tcp/ip control with an option of ASCII, Binary or Modbus protocols. Send email notifications on selected events. Optional AES encryption for totally secure control using binary tcp/ip mode. Add simple relay automation, for automatic relay control. Create Peer to Peer control in a few clicks. Up to eight 32-bit counters with capture and reset, 20 counts/second on inputs. Event schedules for timed events daily or weekly.

You can completely customise the module using the powerful dScript language. dScript is a multi-threaded language for internet connected modules. It compiles to efficient byte codes which are interpreted by the modules on-board runtime firmware. dScript is an editor, compiler and programmer for all dScript enabled modules. Although dScript is not BASIC, the syntax of dScript will be familiar to anyone who has used Visual Basic or the small Basic chips and modules that are available. The possibilities are endless: create a custom webpage, add your own logo, buttons and functionality, add a tcp server, include a tcp client, etc.

A free Android App or iPhone App (see also the manual) can be used for remote control with the smartphone. If you set up port forwarding on your router, you can also control the module via the internet.

This board needs a power supply of 12V 1A.

More information can be found on the website of Devantech.

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