tabs LoRaWAN Object Locator

tabs LoRaWAN Object Locator

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Product description

The tabs Object Locator is a multi-purpose tracker designed for asset tracking. The intended use is to attach the sensor to a object to be able to remotely know its location.

The sensor is composed of a GNSS receive, a push button, an LED indicator, and a USB-C connector. It contains a LiPo battery that can be recharged through the USB-C connector, and also includes a three-axis accelerometer which is optimized for different asset applications.

This tracker can for example be used on The Things Network or on Helium. You can use an IoT platform like myDevices Cayenne to see the location of your tracker on a map. 

More information is available in the manual and on the website of Browan and MerryIoT.

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