Nextion Enhanced NX8048K070_011C - 7.0'' HMI Capacitive Display with Enclosure

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Nextion Enhanced NX8048K070_011C is a powerful 7.0'' HMI TFT multi-touch display with enclosure, RTC, 8 GPIO, 32MB Flash data storage space, 1024 byte EEPROM and 8192 byte RAM.

Nextion includes a hardware part (a series of TFT boards) and a software part (the Nextion editor). The Nextion TFT board uses only one serial port to communicate. Nextion editor has mass components such as button, text, progress bar, slider, instrument panel etc. to enrich the interface design. And the drag-and-drop function ensures that users spend less time in programming. With the help of this WYSIWYG editor, designing a GUI is a piece of cake.

It is easy to control the display with these libraries for Arduino and Raspberry. This display can also operate stand-alone, as can be seen in this example.

More information is available on the website of Itead and Nextion.

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