bladeRF x40 - SDR

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  • bladeRF x40 - SDR BRF-40
  • bladeRF x40 - SDR BRF-40
  • bladeRF x40 - SDR BRF-40

bladeRF x40 - SDR

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The bladeRF x40 is a USB 3.0 Software-Defined Radio (SDR) designed to enable you to explore and experiment with the multidisciplinary facets of RF communication. For users who wish to do host processing, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed is the ideal high throughput, low latency interface. For a standalone solution, the bladeRF operates autonomously using the FPGA for signal processing.

It has a built-in 40KLE Altera Cyclone 4 FPGA ready for you to program. The bladeRF can tune from 300MHz to 3.8GHz and is capable of capturing 40MHz 12-bit full duplex quadrature samples in realtime. Through open source software such as GNURadio, the bladeRF can be placed into immediate use.

You can supply power via USB or via the 2.5mm jack connector. A power supply with a 2.1 mm plug can be connected via an adapter (see below).

More information is available on the websites of Sparkfun and Nuand.

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