NodeMCU v2 - Lua based ESP8266 development kit

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NodeMCU is an open-source firmware and development board that helps you to prototype your IoT product with a few Lua script lines. The development board is based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip with 10 GPIO and 1 ADC input. Each GPIO can be used as PWM, I2C, SPI and 1-Wire. Via the micro USB you can program NodeMCU.

The advanced API for hardware IO uses interactive Lua script which is like Arduino code. The event-driven API for network applications faciliates developers writing code in Nodejs style. It speeds up your IOT application developing process.

The use of FCC & CE certified ESP-12 version of ESP8266 with PCB antenna makes NodeMCU one of the best platforms for IoT application development at the lowest cost.

More information is availble on the websites of Ai-Thinker, Waveshare, Seeed Studio and NodeMCU. See also NodeMCU on GitHub.

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