NeoTrellis M4 with Enclosure and Buttons Kit Pack

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The NeoTrellis M4 is an all-in-one USB + NeoPixel + Elastomer + Audio board. It's powered by the SAMD51, a Cortex M4 core running at 120 MHz. This chip has a speedy core with CircuitPython and Arduino support, hardware DSP/floating point, dual DACs and all the goodies you expect from normal chips like I2C, ADC, DMA, etc. It has a roomy 512KB of flash and 192KB of SRAM so it's great for CircuitPython. A 8MB flash chip is added, so tons of space for files and audio clips.

The SAMD51 has dual DAC - that's two 12-bit, 500KSPS 'true analog' outputs and it is connected to left and right on a standard headphone jack. Since the DAC pins are also ADC pins you could also use the left/right for audio line level input. This guide shows you how to build your own soundboard. A soundboard is a set of buttons that will play sounds or music clips when the corresponding button is pressed.

A precision triple-axis accelerometer from Analog Devices, the ADXL343, is included as well, and provides sensor information on tilt, motion, or tapping.

1 x Adafruit NeoTrellis M4 Mainboard
1 x Adafruit NeoTrellis M4 Enclosure kit
1 x 2 pack of Silicone Elastomer 4x4 Button Keypad
1 x Little Rubber Bumper Feet (4 bumpers total)

More information is available on the website of Adafruit.

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