NanoPi NEO2 Black 1GB Metal Complete Kit

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The NEO2 Metal Complete Kit includes:

  • NanoPi NEO2 Black 1GB
  • NanoHat OLED
  • Aluminum housing with 3 brass buttons
  • Paste and pads
  • 16GB MicroSD Card with pre-installed Linux 4.14
  • Screws and screw driver

The NanoPi NEO2 Black is a super tiny ARM board made by FriendlyElec and uses Allwinner’s 64-bit H5 quad-core SoC (ARM Cortex-A53). It has internal hexa-core Mali450 GPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM.

The NanoPi NEO2 has Gigabit Ethernet and one USB host port. These features make it especially suitable for applications that require high data throughput, high-speed data transmission and high performance.

More information is available on the website of FriendlyElec and wiki.

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