MPRLS Ported Pressure Sensor Breakout - 0 to 25 PSI

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This pressure sensor from Honeywell is special because it comes with a metal port. You can easily attach a tube to it, to measure air pressure inside a close space. It is a great sensor for the pressure within a vacuum chamber or other pressurized container. You can use it to measure the level of water if you put the tube in the water.

Unlike most ported pressure sensors, this one uses I2C, it's really easy to use with any microcontroller. Inside is a silicone-gel covered pressure sensing gauge with a pre-calibrated and compensated 24 bit ADC. Example code and libraries for Arduino or CircuitPython/Python are available.

You can measure absolute pressure 0 to 25 PSI (0 to 1.6 bar, 0 to 160 kPa). The port is made of stainless steel and is 3.7mm long and 2.5mm diameter. It doesn't come with tubing.

More information is available on the website of Adafruit.

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