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LoStik by Ronoth is an affordable, easy to use, LoRaWAN compatible device. It lets IoT (Internet of Things) integrators, network testers, and hobbyists get connected to LoRa networks faster, diagnose network issues more easily, and build new and exciting connected devices.

LoStik technology is ideal for anyone working with existing LoRa networks or just getting started in IoT. It utilizes the RN2483 SOM (System on a Module) chip by Microchip which comes with an intuitive text interface. Just plug your device in to a computer and connect via terminal to start coding. The board works with any PC, as well as Linux development boards such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone.

The LoStik 868 MHz uses the RN2483 and is common for Europe. It is compatible with The Things Network.

More information is available on the website of Crowd Supply and Ronoth.

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