HiFive1 Rev B

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  • HiFive1 Rev B CS-HIFIVE1REVB-01
  • HiFive1 Rev B CS-HIFIVE1REVB-01
  • HiFive1 Rev B CS-HIFIVE1REVB-01

HiFive1 Rev B

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HiFive1 Rev B is an upgrade to the low-cost development board from SiFive, featuring the Freedom E310. It’s the best way to start prototyping and developing your RISC‑V applications.

The FE310-G002 is an upgrade to the Freedom Everywhere SoC, that adds support for the latest RISC-V Debug Spec 0.13, hardware I²C, two UARTs, and power gating the core rail in low power sleep modes. Like the original FE310, the FE310-G002 features SiFive’s E31 CPU core complex, a high-performance, 32-bit RV32IMAC core with a 16 KB L1 instruction cache, a 16 KB data SRAM scratchpad, and hardware multiply/divide. Running at 320+ MHz, the FE310 is among the fastest microcontrollers on the market.

The HiFive1 Rev B has wireless connectivity through an onboard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module. The USB debugger has been upgraded to Segger J-Link, with support for drag & drop code download. SiFive recommends software development for the HiFive1 Rev B with the Eclipse-based Freedom Studio IDE.

More information is available on the website of Crowd Supply and SiFive.

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